#13 - Learn Eloquent Writing Process |With Nandita Khandelwal

In this episode, Simiran converses with Nandita Khandelwal who is the writer of 3 books. She shares her experience in writing, marketing, and publishing journey.
Nandita Khandelwal is a Health Coach at Cure Fit and also the author of 03 books. Her first book "Climate Change" - Health Connections was published in 2021,  "Explore- A Journal For Self-Exploration" and "Songs Of Bittersweet Memories"  both in 2022. After successfully releasing back to back  03 books, she has learned and gained a lot of experience in the field of writing, publishing, and marketing. Due to her experience, she shares her journey that how she came up with the idea of writing a book on her topic of expertise which is her education which is into one book. Once through with the process; she came up with the second and third books, a clear indication that she enjoyed the process and will like to continue it in the future as well. Nandita has gained momentum by skillfully writing books and continuous mission accomplishments in life: is the most suitable person to interact with & learn about the field.

So, tune into the episode of Writing Your First Book to learn and know more about the processes from the expert.    

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#13 - Learn Eloquent Writing Process |With Nandita Khandelwal
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